About Us

Who We Are

We are the Hershey Kiss Committee, a group of high school students who are all passionate to achieve our ultimate goal: make the Hershey's Kisses the official state candy of Pennsylvania. Starting back in January of 2021, we have met with each other before and after school to draft letters to legislators, research different aspects of the Kiss, and create a resolution. We are proud and excited to share our journey through the legislative process. As of November 23, bill 2150 has been introduced by Representative Tom Mehaffie. Feel free to take a look here. On Valentine's Day of 2022 Senator Collett joined by Senator DiSanto and Senator Santarsiero introduced Senate Bill 1122. You can view it here!

Our Goal

Not only do we strive to make Hershey's Kisses the state candy but we also want to educate ourselves and others of the legislative process. Follow us along on our journey by following us on Twitter and Instagram and checking out our website!