April 2, 2022

By: Elaine, HKC treasurer/archivist- April 2, 2022

As a group, we all sent emails out to all the Pennsylvania senators and representatives, hoping to gain a few more cosponsors for our bills. Many legislators responded back with emails full of support and well wishes. One legislator who emailed us back was Senator Argall, Committee Chair of the Senate State Government Committee. He invited us to attend the committee meeting on March 30th!

On the morning of March 30th, the meeting was unfortunately canceled prior to our arrival. However we still made the best out of our visit at the Capitol with exclusive tours, meetings with our sponsors and cosponsors, and watching a full Senate session where Senator Santarsiero formally introduced us. We met with Representative Warren, Representative Mehaffie, Senator Santarsiero, Senator Collett, Senator DiSanto, and Lieutenant Governor Fetterman. The Capitol's artwork and architecture were beautiful to admire and made our trip all the better.

Visit the Photos page under Our Journey to see some pictures from our visit!

We are hoping to return back to the Capitol on April 6 to attend the committee meeting.